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Few states in the U.S. offer car insurance for a week only. Although such a proposition is hard to believe, it is a reality. Therefore, if you are in search of 1 week temporary car insurance then you first need to check out whether your state has such a facility. On the internet, you can find companies that provide such covers.

Find if you can get a car insurance for one week only

If you are one of those who are thinking, “can i get car insurance for a week?” then you must know that such type of a car policy could be your best option if you are borrowing a vehicle for going on a tour.

Level of premiums charged for 1 week temporary car insurance

Weekly car insurance coverage is special short term vehicle coverage and so the premiums charged for such policies could be little bit higher. However, as it is not a long term commitment for insurance providers, some insurers may require drivers to pay premium in advance. But you need to be aware that you also have the option to get a car on rent or lease from Rental Company as it may not require you to vehicle insured for temporary period like one week.

Know what all a weekly car insurance cover includes

Any one week auto insurance will extend basic coverage which includes personal injury protection as well as financial protection of bodily injuries caused to other persons and liability for property damages. Additionally, when you are out to get a car insurance for a week only, you also have the option to purchase comprehensive and collision coverage to get yourself adequately insured in the event your car happens to meet with an accident involving an uninsured or underinsured motorist.

About carriers that offer car insurance for one week

Some major insurers across the nation carry auto insurance covers for a week although they don’t advertise about it as such policies are not that profitable as compared to 6 or 12 month car covers. Besides, you can also buy car insurance for week from few insurance providers that specialize in providing short term or temporary car insurance covers online.

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You can secure car insurance cover for a week by going online or over phone. All you need to do is just find websites of companies which provide such types of short term car coverage and apply online by filling out an easy application form.

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