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You may think of buying a temporary auto insurance coverage if you are considering borrowing a car from your friend or relative for few days. We can assist you to get a comprehensive vehicle cover for a period of up to 28 days at an affordable premium and that too without affecting no claims bonus on existing car insurance policy.

How can we help you in getting the cheapest 1 month temporary car insurance?

Drivers in the age group 18 to 75 can take advantage of our cost-free online services to search easily affordable temporary auto insurance policies to insure borrowed or leased cars for 1 to 28 days.

To let us help you in securing a low cost temporary car insurance cover quickly, you need to fill and submit an easy application form by providing some basic personal details as well as by specifying the number of days for which you require auto insurance. Most of the insurers will also ask for information about the type of car being driven and its registration number.

Who can buy temporary car insurance policy? Just check your eligibility

You could be an ideal candidate to get a temporary cover for student car insurance if you are a driver from any of the following categories.

  • Young drivers – If you are below the age of 21 years and don’t own a car but can access your friend’s or relatives car, you could consider purchasing low cost temporary car insurance for young drivers under 21 years old for enjoying holiday or vacation.
  • Classic car enthusiasts – If you own a sports or classic car which is being driven as second vehicle during weekends then you can opt for buying a cheap short term auto insurance policy.
  • Learner drivers – You could buy 1 day temporary car insurance for learner drivers if you currently learning how to drive a car or taking driving classes and not going to drive it round the year.
  • One day auto insurance – If you need to borrow a car for moving your home or for some unforeseen emergency for a single day then you can get cheap one day car insurance for covering up all your needs.

Know what all temporary car insurance companies can offer

Getting an instant temporary car insurance policy can be a great alternative to a 12 month or annual auto insurance cover. Besides, if you are unsure whether this type of car coverage can satisfy your exact requirements, you may get an idea regarding some of its salient features as under:

  • Get immediate car coverage as soon as you buy it
  • Secure peace of mind as you are adequately insured
  • Obtain auto insurance cover for as less as one day
  • Can arrange car coverage well in advance for up to 30 days
  • Purchase optional coverage for scratches, dents, alloy wheels, etc.
Get affordable temporary car insurance for college students online now

You could also consider buying short term young driver car insurance policy if you are thinking of borrowing a friend’s car during the weekend for shifting your belongings to some other hall before your new term begins. It could be possible to find companies which specialize in providing easy to afford temporary car insurance for under 25 olds online.

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