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You may consider buying a non owners car insurance quote online if you don’t drive vehicle regularly. There are companies which can provide you car coverage that fits your budget.

The facts about non-owners car insurance

Most people might not be aware that it is possible to secure an affordable quote for non-owner car insurance online but you need to know that such a proposition can be a good option in place of cheapest full coverage.

Who should consider non-owner car insurance policy?

You can buy a non-owner auto insurance online if you don’t own a vehicle and rent or borrow cars from some relative or friend frequently. Such auto insurance policies offer drivers basic liability cover in case of at-fault accidents.

How much does non owners car insurance cost?

For determining overall cost of a non-owner’s car insurance cover online, factors like total amount of coverage being sought, driver’s past driving record, status of credit history, type, make and model of vehicle being driven, etc. will be considered.

Who must obtain cheap non-owner’s car insurance cover online?

You can also think of purchasing a auto insurance non owner cover online if you or your employees drive cars, which are owned and meant for business purpose, but aren’t listed as drivers on your existing commercial auto insurance policy.

What all does a non-owner’s car insurance policy actually cover?

Normally, auto insurance for non-owner’s policies provide liability coverage for:

  • Bodily injuries
  • Property damages

However, some insurers may also offer following coverage as part of a package.

  • Medical payments cover
  • Uninsured motorist bodily injury cover
  • Underinsured motorist bodily injury cover

In any case, the below mentioned coverage will not be part of non-owner policy car insurance.

  • Collision cover
  • Comprehensive cover
  • Rental reimbursement cover
  • Charges for towing and labour
  • Custom parts and equipment cover
5 major advantages offered by a non-owner car insurance policy

Although securing a cheap non-owner’s policy auto insurance can be a great alternative in certain circumstances, it’s not meant for everyone. Such type of auto coverage can only benefit a specified category of drivers.

Here’s a list of circumstances in which best non-owner car insurance policies can prove to be beneficial.

  • Cheap rental insurance - Drivers, who drive rental cars, may at times not be adequately insured. For them, non-owner auto insurance cover can be a highly desirable option.
  • Urban dwellers – Another group of people for whom non-owner car policies can be beneficial are drivers residing in urban areas who might not own any vehicle.
  • Limited-time situations – You can also get a non-owner’s car insurance quote if you are delivering vehicles lot for auctions to destinations scattered across the entire country.
  • Peace of mind to drivers – Regardless of the cause of any trip and number of miles you drive, non-owner car covers provide peace of mind especially during car crashes.
  • A sense of responsibility – Buying affordable non-owner car insurance quotes could be the safest and the most secure thing to do. Besides, such behaviour may be considered highly responsible.
Learn about various non-owner’s car insurance types online now
  • Employer's non-ownership cover – Offers liability car coverage to employees who occasionally drive non-owned but registered or contracted cars for business related work.
  • Hired car cover – Provides guaranteed financial protection for liability to drivers who are driving borrowed, leased, hired or rented vehicles more than often.
  • Any car cover – Such type of car coverage applies to both, hired as well as non-owned cars, which aren’t listed on a driver’s existing auto insurance policy.

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