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Many people may wonder,” Is car insurance cheaper if you're self employed?” Well, if you are one of them then here is some information which you may find useful. Just because you are self-employed, it doesn’t mean that the premium rates offered to your getting your vehicle insured will go up. Most of the insurance providers will assess the risks of granting you car coverage and based on their findings, they will decide on the premium which is chargeable. In addition, insurers also take into account likelihood of a driver filing claims from his past driving and insurance claims history.

Premium rates charged could vary depending upon on the type of work that you are doing. If you are doing business from your home and you don’t require travelling much then you will be charged lower premium. But if you are needed to travel long distances for work related matters then you can expect to pay high premium. Nevertheless, there could be some other factors which lenders will consider for deciding premiums that are chargeable. These could be drivers past driving history, status of credit rating, type of car driven, how the vehicle is going to be used exactly, etc.

Important FAQ’s for locating good company car insurance for self employed

1. What if I tell my car insurance provider that I am self-employed?

Informing auto insurers that you are self-employed is the best thing to do as honesty pays. In the event of an accident if your car gets damaged, you may not face any problems in filing claims and getting them passed.

2. In which situations do self-employed car insurance premiums go up?

There could be 2 main circumstances for which self employed car insurance quotes may be charged higher premiums. These are as under:

  • If your business requires you to travel numerous miles every day by road as it means increased risk for auto insurance providers.
  • It’s difficult to get car insurance cheaper if self employed if you keep carrying costly articles in your car on a regular basis as such a proposition could lead to thefts and thus, increases risk to insurers. Besides, premiums might also be higher if your car may get stolen because of your lavish lifestyle.

3. Is it important for me to keep a mileage journal if I am self-employed?

It could be better if you maintain mileage journal for following 2 reasons:

  • Car insurance tax relief self employed gains
  • For lowering auto insurance premium drastically

By maintaining business car driving journal you can secure tax benefits and if you drive less miles, you can qualify for discount on your car insurance premium.

Finding affordable car insurance for self-employed – Few things to consider

At Baddrivingcarinsurance, we can assist you to locate good car insurance for self employed company online through a simple, easy and hassle-free process within few minutes of applying. If you are self-employed or unemployed driver, you may take the below mentioned aspects into consideration:

  • Don’t forget to get car cover – Many drivers, who are self-employed, overlook the importance of getting car coverage. But it is advisable to get adequately covered especially if you drive lot of miles for business purpose.
  • Get additional protection – It could be desirable to get additional cover for your car over and above what is mandated by your state’s insurance laws as in the event of an accident, you may not have to pay money from your own pocket.
  • Opt for a business car cover – During your effort to find low cost car insurance self employed policy, it could be vital for to choose the right type of vehicle coverage for your vehicle preferably a business auto insurance cover which might not be that expensive.
  • Choose right levels of coverage – You can do some research on your own and get a business car insurance cover for your car which satisfies your specific kind of driving needs as well as requirements.
  • Understand contents of policy - While carrying some heavy items such as equipments and tools in your car, make sure that you have fully understood contents of the coverage as companies might impose certain limits on claims.
  • Take expenses in account books – If car is being used for business purposes, ensure that you have taken it on your account books by talking to your accountant as you can show costs incurred against expenses.
  • Why there is a cost differential? – It is difficult to obtain cheaper auto insurance cover when you are self-employed as insurers know businessmen drive more miles and file more claims as compared to other ordinary motorists.

5 Useful tips for purchasing the best car insurance for self-employed drivers

For securing the best deal on your auto insurance policy for self-employed drivers, it could be important for you to follow few guidelines as follows:

  • Never lie to auto insurance company – Always be honest with your business vehicle insurance provider and let the company know as to how exactly you use the car. If you are going to tie heavy equipment like plough for clearing snow, you also need to get commercial insurance.
  • Check if business-use approval is necessary on existing personal policy and whether it will provide sufficient coverage – If you are real estate, lawyer or consultant, who drives frequently for business purposes and you have a personal car insurance policy, determine whether you can get business use endorsement so that you don’t have to get commercial auto insurance cover.
  • Know when exactly you need to get a commercial car cover - You may need to buy a commercial car cover if you delivering goods by car or vehicle is being used as taxi, driving owned or leased car from some corporation or partnership firm, car is being driven by employees or unlisted drivers, etc.
  • Determine the exact amount of liability coverage that you need – When you are out to purchase a business auto insurance policy, it is suggested that you first identify the exact amount of car cover that is needed apart from liability limits stipulated by your state’s car insurance rules and regulations.
  • Expect to spend more money for commercial vehicle coverage – Premium charged for commercial car insurance coverage is significantly higher than personal auto insurance policies as variety of factors may come into play for deciding premium rates for cars driven for business purposes like type of vehicle, driver’s driving record, hoe car is going to be used, deductible if any, etc.

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